Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Microsoft Frontpage

For simple, static, web pages and sites Microsoft Frontpage has proved an excellent html editing program.

I've used it for years and am thoroughly pleased with it.

However, it's been unavailable for some time now and, on my Windows 10 machine, there is some annoying defects with it - such as pages not appearing in tabs for multiple page editing.

Whilst searching for a free alternative I stumbled upon Expression from Microsoft.

Microsoft are well-known for their generous 'have it for nowt' ethos and their old-fashioned use of the word 'free' meaning it's free.

The program is Microsoft Expression and you can download it and use it permanently for free here.

The great thing with Expression is that you can rapidly start using it because, in many ways, it's just like Frontpage with all the usual editing characteristics.


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