Monday, October 29, 2018


So, there is an increasingly annoying trend emerging where people answering a question begin a statement or answer with “so”.

An example would be:

What day is it?”

So, the day today is Monday”.

So, what is driving this this manner of speech? Chiefly, it’s a form of misplaced arrogance where the speaker is using “so” to emphasize they have knowledge that only they possess and there is a slight irritation that they have to impart this knowledge to an ignorant recipient.

For example: “It’s raining. What shall I do?

So, [I now have to provide you with my valuable wisdom] you should use an umbrella”.

So, the information provided can be useful. However, it’s usually wrong, made up, or rubbish. This helps the listener immensely because, it transpires, it offers an insight into the So and So’s intellect and personality - or, lack thereof.

So, in conclusion, anyone starting a sentence, answer or statement with the word “so”, can be safely ignored.

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