Wednesday, November 7, 2018


A graph clearly showing I'm Right
I’ve taken the lead from the many many experts out there, particularly those appearing on BBC, CNN etcetera and started to use ‘surveys’ to back up any rubbish I come out with. It seems to be working out quite well for them so, surely, must benefit me.

From now on, whenever I have a load of old tosh to ramble on about, I’ll back it up with surveys. Initially, I thought I’d have to actually do surveys or refer to surveys that actually exist – it turns out it’s not required.

Ergo, here’s a couple of things I’m going to blather on about and back up with surveys.

My blog is one of the best in the world. Loads of surveys have been conducted which bear this out.

The world, is not round as previously thought. Surveys, in particular one I just made up, have revealed that it is actually flat – with a bit of roundness.

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