Monday, November 5, 2018

Farmhouse Cooking

The word “farmhouse” in relation to cooking and food products is much abused these days. A typical farmhouse loaf has usually come from a huge factory no-where near the countryside let alone a farm.

Thumbing through some old copies of Farmers Weekly, a periodical for farming folk what live on farms, I discovered recipes that put the farm back into farmhouse.

A Cow
For example, Sour Cream Tart requires ”the exact third and fourth milkings of a freshly-calved cow” whilst Lamb-Tail Pie requires lamb tails: “When the tails are severed instruct the shepherd to keep them warm by covering with a sack”.

Now that’s hardcore farmhouse.

If you’re up for some home cooking, have a go at this:

Pig’s-Head Pudding

A Pig
Half a pigs head
3 eggs
Some cooked beef
Half a pound of breadcrumbs
Half nutmeg

Soak the head, nose and ears overnight, having first soaked them in salt for a fortnight or more. Then boil for two and a half hours.

When cold, put through a mincer with the cooked beef Add the grated nutmeg, breadcrumbs and pepper to taste. Then mix in the eggs and make it into a firm roll. Tie in a pudding-cloth like a roly-poly, place in boiling water, and boil for two hours. 

A dish to be served cold.

I’ll try out some of this cooking stuff and post some more delicious recipes.

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