Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Household Tips

Household tips to make life easier:

To render one's self invisible it is only necessary to possess the stone called ophilialmc. Constantine held one in his hand and in this way became invisible.

To cure the phthisis you must hang around tho neck of a sick person the stone called Feripendanus

To avoid all dangers, it is necessary to wear upon your person a black agate with white veins.

A dress, rubbed with Iihmas, will never burn.

To drive away moles from a locality, it is necessary to catch one and put it in the place with native sulphur and there burn it.

A dog who has swallowed the heart of a weazel will never afterwards bark.

To make a person talk a good deal, give him the tongue and heart of a magpie.

The head of a goat, suspended to the neck of a person, afflicted with leprosy will cure him perfectly.

The right foot of a tortoise, made fast to the right foot of a gouty man will give him ease.

To CLEAN IKON ARMOR AND WHATEVER YOU WILL. — Take lead, pulverized very fine, place it in a pot, well covered, with olive oil ; leave it thus for nine days ; then rub the iron, steel, etcetera with this oil and rust will never attack it.

To soften Glass. — Take equal parts of burned lead and crystal, break them upon a stone, put them in a crucible and melt them together ; you can do whatever you like by this means.

To solder all things, even cold iron. — Take an ounce' of sal ammoniac, an ounce of common salt, as much calcined tartar and three ounces of antimony. After having pulvarized the whole together, pass through a sieve.: put it into a linen, cov-red all over the outside with well prepared potter’s clay to the thickness of a finger ; let it become dry ; after that place it upon test pots over a slow fire, which augments until the whole becomes of a red heat and melts together. After allowing it to
get cold again, reduce it to powder and, when anything is to be soldered, join the two pieces as closely as possible upon a piece of paper, placed upon a table and introduce between the two pieces to be joined tbe aforesaid powder. Now boil borax in wine until it is dissolved and rub with the end of a pen the powder with this liquid and the powder will boil likewise. When it has ceased to boil the solidification and soldering has been accomplished.

To engrave upon all sorts of metals. — Take a part of billot charcoal, two parts of vitriol, as much sal ammoniac, steep the whole in vinegar until it becomes a soft paste, and when you wish to engrave, trace the design upon the metal which you suffer to dry. Then you place over it the above composition as warm as you can make it and, when all becomes dry, you remove it and wash the engraving well and everything will be as you desire it.

Thus spake Albertus Magnus

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