Monday, November 19, 2018

Noisy Man Hole Cover

Outside my house is a man-hole cover.

It’s obviously falling apart, as is the surrounding tarmac, because it constantly – 24 hours a day – makes an horrendous clunking noise when vehicles go over it or a fly lands nearby.

I could go outside and video it but that would involve going outside and videoing it. Rather, look at this video someone else has done about a similar looking man-hole on their street.

The local council [Warwickshire] couldn’t care less – even though I sent them a photo of someone nearly breaking their neck tripping on it. Money grubbing Severn Trent, who it apparently belongs to, couldn’t care less either.

I plan to use fast acting resin to silence it or, like some bloke in New York, tip a load of sand over it. If I get done for it, I’ll plead insanity because the constant noise is driving me mad.

What do councils actually do for their money? Nowt.

This scandal has an update: bash here

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