Sunday, November 25, 2018

Windows 10 – the end of Microsoft

‘Finally found out why Windows 10 is called “Windows 10”: because it’s 10 times worse than any previous Windows.

The Windows PC I’m using to type this on will now have to have its every-three-day reboot to temporarily spare me from the recurrent incurable mouse lag problem. My three Windows 10 machines have cost me no end of time tackling errant Microsoft programmes such as Superfetch that render the PC unusable, not mention a host of other problems that usually involve poking about in system registries and rebooting the damn things.

Microsoft seem obsessed with spying on me and taking control over the PCs that I though I owned. Personal settings are changed, programs installed on the machines and things I ‘kill forever’ such as Office 365 merrily come back to life.

However, there are benefits, you don’t have to waste time going to dodgy websites or open iffy emails in order to get spyware and viruses – Microsoft Windows 10 is a virus. I was using a PC the other day and on it’s start-up static page were text adverts For Microsoft with statements like “make someone’s Christmas – buy them Microsoft products”. Now, there is no other word for this: “adware”. If you hated someone so much you would buy them a Microsoft gift for Christmas you wouldn’t be buying them anything in the first place.

Here we are then. I’m buying a Linux laptop. If it’s a pain, costs me loads of time & aggro, requires me to battle with it in order to get it to work and involves going on loads of forums: it can’t possibly be any worse than Windows.

Soon, most people will reach the same conclusion. Ergo, the end of Microsoft and good riddance.

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