Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fly Tipping

Today Environment Secretary Michael Gove launched the Resources and Waste Strategy, a comprehensive plan regarding all aspects of waste management and recycling.

Amongst the, presumably recyclable, 146 pages [plus 129 page ‘evidence annexe’] is ideas on tackling fly tipping and illegal waste disposal.

The main idea, as usual, is to add licences and documentation which means more money, jobs and power for them and the generation of even more waste paper.

There is no opportunity for genius ideas that would actually achieve something like the idea what I have:

We all know who is doing the fly tipping and leaving thousands of tons of illegally collected waste behind when they move on from their illegally occupied land. It is these illegal carriers that should be stopped whilst in the process of committing their crime [carrying waste without a licence].

A bloke recently was hassled by the council who inspected his works van. They found a plastic bag containing crisp packets, cans etcetera. Ergo, they fined him for carrying waste without a waste transfer license. When this hit the press the council merely stated this was perfectly correct.

It’s funny how they can pounce on a worker in a van, someone dropping a fag end or someone throwing an apple core in a hedge but they, including the police, are to frightened to tackle the real problem people.

I propose that all waste carriers [vans, lorries, pickups] have, as part of their licensing, a licence plate on the back of their vehicle akin to those that taxis have. When someone engages a firm or individual to get rid of some rubbish, they can check the license details on the DEFRA site to ensure its valid. Equally, any police vehicle or gutless council apparatchik can check the licence is genuine. Additionally, when they see a vehicle that is clearly carrying waste or scrap but does not even have the license plate, they can stop this vehicle, which is operating criminally, and confiscate it – like they do when someone is a day late taxing their car.

Problem solved.

Important note: If you’ve got some rubbish and get someone to take it away it’s down to you to confirm all is legit – or you [not them, it’s too scary to go after them] will be fined, or jailed, or shot. The only way to do this is to go to Defra’s site and search the company using information they supply you – which is probably made up anyway. Don’t ask to see a copy of their licence – it will be fake.

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