Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Food Survey Shocker

After an extensive program of research [looked at the web] I can reveal the shock results about food:

Fish Fingers: Fish do not have fingers. There is not a single fish in the world that has fingers. Ergo, what are they? Fish fingers, in America, are called "fish sticks".

Chocolate log: this Christmas treat has been revealed as a con. Trees are not made of chocolate. Not a single tree in the world is made from chocolate. If they were, animals would eat them. Also, they would melt in the sun. No chocolate trees = no chocolate logs. [I may have mentioned this before].

Water: 'Bottled at Source': There is no place called source. Also, water can be got from the tap.

Camel cigarettes are not made from Camels

Brains Faggots do not contain brains

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