Thursday, December 20, 2018


Ice [cubes]
Once the preserve of, purely, the rich, ice cubes are the ideal accompaniment to drinks that you want to be cold.

In the past you would hear the hoi polloi loudly saying the likes of: “’Twas a wonderful evening at Jeremey’s. I had ice with my pink gin”. This was to advertise their high societal status and sophistication. The irony of course is that a massive bit of ice sank the first-class liner the Titanic which was ‘unsinkable’ – except for ice.

However, it transpires, ice is merely frozen water. As such, you can make it yourself. All you have to do is, get some water, put it somewhere very very cold and leave it for ages. When you come back it will be ice [or very cold water].

Despite this relatively simple way of making ice the value of it remains. Last summer, I left two ice cubes on my garden wall as part of a scientific experiment. When I returned, they had been stolen leaving only two wet patches where they had been.

Therefore, you too can have ice but keep it secure.

Here's a vid all about ice:

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