Monday, December 3, 2018

No more on-line shoping

Thanks to a ludicrous EU directive which, as usual, we slavishly obey even though we’re supposed to be leaving the shower of jerks we’re going to have to go to the shops to buy stuff like in the 1850s.

This unexpected boost to the ailing high street comes thanks to the EU and BT. Coming into force now and being mandatory by September 2019 all on-line purchases will have to be authorised by the bank or card issuer by way of a text code sent to the person buying the goods.

As 30% of the UK has no mobile cover, let alone those without a mobile phone, on-line purchasing will be unavailable.

This sort of authentication is all well and good in developed countries with a proper IT infrastructure but in bent, backward Britain, reliant on BT infrastructure and a non-competitive mobile market dominated by TV network BT it’s a hopeless scenario.

When I go on the Inland Revenue site I have to use a similar authentication. Bearing in mind they’ll fine me for not doing stuff on time, when I log on I have to rush upstairs and wave the phone out of the bedroom window in the hope of receiving the text code. My friend – he has to go to the library and take his accounts with him.

Ergo, me and 30% of Britain will not be able to buy on-line anymore – which means: going to the shops like Victorians did.

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