Sunday, December 30, 2018

Noisy Man Hole Cover Silenced

In a previous post which can be viewed by bashing here, I was whingeing on about a noisy man-hole cover.

A load of blokes turned up and fixed it and now silence reigns supreme.

They did a first class job of it and worked with great efficiency. I know coz I spied on them through the net curtains like a spy would do.

Here's what I said to the council to make them do it:

"Council complaint 14/11/18 09:47 Despite paying my council tax to Stratford District Council, Warwickshire Highways maintain the roads outside my house.

Despite numerous requests for someone to come out here [including via my councillor] and discuss the problems with the junction no-one has ever bothered to contact me let alone come around.

The latest issue is a manhole cover outside my bedroom / living room window. Thousands of times a day, 24 hours a day, it is making a loud noise as vehicles go over it.

Warwickshire highways couldn’t care less [they ignored me when hundreds of gallons of filthy sewage was deposited outside my house by a road sweeper – of which I have video evidence – so care even less about a man-hole cover].

I read about a road sweeper filling water from a hydrant without a permit and he got fined six grand. Yet, a roadsweeper can have a full-scale environmental incident right outside my house and, not only gets clean away with it, I’m left trying to hose it all away – without any success.

The man-hole cover is the responsibility of Severn Trent who know all about it [me and the bloke over the road have contacted them about it]. They, also, couldn’t care less.

I have complained to environmental health about the manhole - but highway issues are not covered, according to the website.

I also saw a bloke go flat on his face tripping on the dropped man-hole. I wish he would sue you – if he does, I’m his witness. The cover may be Severn Trent’s but it’s your responsibility to make them fix it. I can’t understand why it hasn’t collapsed in on itself – I hope it does.

Warwickshire highways are unfit to do the job they're being paid to do - give the job to someone else.

Incidently, Warwickshire highways threatened me with legal action if I didn't cut back some trees/bushes that weren't even mine. Is it a case when anyone complains but me it’s taken notice of?

As I will have to forgoe sleep until I can afford to move and am not being provided with the service I'm paying for I must be entitled to a refund of my council tax".

I won: they're jerks.

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