Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Last Kingdom

I'm now watching The Last Kingdom Season three. It's the best yet and there's a new female lead that's A1 - she'd be an ideal wife for Uhtred - or me.

I was surprised to find it on Netflix. I'd seen it was there but didn't realise that they are now showing season three. I asked the internet what was going on and, it transpires, BBC aren't going to show any more because they realised it was about poor old Britain trying to fend off a load of marauding Europeans and, therefore, not in keeping with their pro EU propaganda.

It seems awfully cold and particularly muddy back in those days especially considering wellies hadn't been invented yet. I thought the Beeb would have loved this because people would think "It's cold back then. Not like today with all the global warming that's about" ie in keeping with their climate change propaganda.

Ergo, if you want to watch series three like what I'm doing: get Netflix.


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