Monday, December 17, 2018

Yes means No

The UK Parliament firstly turned a yes / no referendum choice into an instruction for protracted ‘negotiations’ then, latterly, decided to ignore a democratic decision by the electorate and look to asking the question again in a confused manner so they can draw their preferred opinion on the result.

What on earth is the point in voting at all when the ruling elite decide what they’re going to dictate anyway?

Come the next elections, who will be in power because, surely, the party that wins the vote may not be the party in power once the vote has been ignored.

The UK is now confirmed as another sham democracy like East Germany was in the eighties.

The only hope left is the, Churchill-like, Nigel Farage. The Tories, et al, ensured that he would never become a British MP yet, as votes don’t matter at all anymore, he may achieve power by other means.

Unlike the French, the feeble British just take all that’s dished out to them – especially from the EU. Ergo, the only chance left now is to get behind Farage who’s now part of Leave means Leave.

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