Saturday, January 5, 2019

Any idiot can hack stuff

Any idiot can hack stuff.

If you're not an idiot: don't worry, simply follow this guide and you can show everyone what a genius you are:
  1. Click here
This takes you to a FAKE site that looks like a terminal log in page [when showing off: try F11 and make it full page to look even more effective. esc to return to normal screen].

Once you've got the above screen up:
  • Type any old rubbish and the screen makes it look like you're typing code and stuff
  • After everyone looks impressed enough hit shift and it says Access granted
2. Dismiss your observers.

3. After a decent period click here and say 'Look, I'm on the BBC':

Note: all the above does nowt [no data stored, no actual input etc.]

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