Tuesday, January 8, 2019


This is said to have been the invention of the sage Pythagorus, whose doctrine was that everything in the universe was represented and governed by certain figures or numbers, to which he
ascribed mysterious properties and virtues.

According to him, everything, from the Supreme Being himself down to the minutest atom, was distinguished by its own proper number; and his belief was shared by numberless other philosophers.

This is accomplished by a list of numbers, with their various interpretations and significations which are availabe here

My Name results in 1161
  • Of this total of 1161 on reference to the table of significations, reads as:
  • Mercy for 1000;
  • Divine favor, for 100 ;
  • Widowhood, for 60;
  • Passion, ambition, design, for 1;
My Partner’s Name results in 669
  • Of this total of 669 on reference to the table of significations, reads as:
  • Perfection for 600;
  • Widowhood, for 60;
  • Imperfection, diminution, grief, pain, expectation, for 9;

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