Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ice on Windshield

This morning it took two cans of de-icer, a load of scraping and ages with the windscreen blower before my windscreen was in a state where, more or less, I could see to drive.

When I was retrieving the cans of de-icer, at the advent of winter, I noticed the cans said: "Effective to -15 degrees". No wonder they were no use last year when it was -15.

Luckily I've got a diesel AWD Volvo. Ergo, I drove around doing stuff. Unlike the days when I had Fords etcetera. The Volvo is made in a country where cold weather is catered for. Other manufacturers must say; "Shall we insulate the doors so they won't freeze and then refuse to close in winter?" The Whittakers must say; "We're not paying for all that. Haven't you heard of global warming?"

I will keep an eye on the de-icer cans because I believe there will be a similar exchange:
"We'll have to order some more anticoldolyne"
"So the de-icer we're making will work to -15"
"Have you not heard of global warming? That stuff's expensive. Leave it out and we'll put effective to -5 on the can. It'll be alright".

I wish these cretins who go on and on about global warming had to do my job and endure theses annual 'freak, once-in-a-life-time events' [winter].

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