Monday, January 7, 2019

Money for nothing

When I'm walking about I look at the floor [as well as looking at other things].

As a direct consequence of my actions I find money that has either been lost by people or has been deliberately placed in my path so I have to bend down and pick it up.

Upon my return home I place said found cash in a silver lion money-box. The lion eventually ends up packed with various coins and, sometimes, notes.

At the end of the year [31st December] I empty the contents and count it. On average, the total is around £35. This may seem a lot but, nevertheless, the annual average is a whopping thirty-five quids. However, this year the grand total was a paltry £7.87.

This is not good enough. I would implore everyone to stop using alternative methods of payments such as cash cards, contact-less payments and phone transactions. Additionally, if people can be more careless with cash it would help me make up the shortfall incurred.

 So far, this year, 2019, I have found one penny - it's a start.

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