Friday, January 11, 2019

Plastic Bags

I had a plastic bag the other day with some stuff in it. After I took the stuff out I was left with a plastic bag - empty.

I took it to the recycling bin which, for some reason is blue, and put it in it. Then I took it out of the blue bin and put it in the grey bin [general waste] because I'd been told via a non-recyclable plastic label attached to said blue bin that plastic bags are not welcome.

It occurred to me that the bag had been used once - "a single use bag" - if you will.

This made me do loads of research - I looked at the web for a couple of minutes. It turns out the bag what I'd binned would end up in the environment and wouldn't decay for 200 million years [or thereabouts]. Ergo, if they're so resilient, why don't they make buildings and roads out of them.

If you made a building made out of old plastic bags it would still be there in 199 million years time although, presumably, it would disintegrate on the 200 millionth anniversary of the building being built.

Also, if planes and cars were made of plastic bags they would survive even the worst of crashes.

The list of uses for these bags is endless - why am I the only one to realize these type of things?

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