Friday, January 18, 2019

The Lumley Family

The antiquity of the Lumley family is very great : according to Camden, Dugdale, and other writers, it has descended from Liulph, a nobleman of high rank in the time of Edward the Confessor.

King James being once on a visit at Lumley castle, a relation of the house proceeded to give his majesty a genealogical detail of Lord Lumley's progenitors, and attempted to deduce their origin from a period so remote as to exceed all credibility. The king, whose patience was quite exhausted, stopped short the genealogist by saying, "Mon, gang no farther; let me digest this knowledge I have gained ; for, by my saul, I did no ken that Adam's name was Lumley.'

The motto of the house of Lumley is worthy of a race of undoubtedly remote descent: Mums aneus conscientia sana; — a guileless conscience is a wall of brass.

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