Saturday, February 9, 2019

Car Light Bulbs

I met a bloke the other day who'd gone out and bought himself a Range Rover. Naturally, I asked him; "How much does it cost to change a light bulb in that then?"

He replied; "A thousand pound".

His swift response means that he'd already researched this issue [ie looked on the web]. This illustrates the fact that it's becoming widespread knowledge that changing a bulb in a car is one of the most horrendous and expensive issues you can encounter in life.

I had a Rover 75. Bulb went. Replaced the bulb.

I had a Volvo V70: Headlamp went: two days and nearly a nervous breakdown. When the rear bulb went I consulted You Tube. The bloke on there had the whole back-end panels off just to get to it. I thought "What an idiot". However, as a precaution, I took it to a garage. When I went to se them working on it they had the whole back-end panels off just to get to it.

An acquaintance ['got no friends] told me he took his Citroen in and said "Can you change the front side lamp, please". They said he'd have to leave it for two days because the entire front section had to come off. Instead he took it home and promptly spent two whole days working on it. He refused to
to take the entire front section off. However, the only way he could get the bulb in was to put his car on ramps and get his daughter [small hands] to actually fit it.

What is it with these idiots who design cars. Bulbs do fail. Or, is it some sort of con?

Whilst going on about Range Rovers: I was at a garage and a fairly recent Range Rover was in there with its engine on the floor. When I asked I was told that some part or other has to be replaced every 60,000 miles and the only way to get to it was to take the engine out. If I was to buy a used car and was told its engine had been on the floor - I wouldn't buy it, even if it was or especially if it was less than two years old.

Like so many jobs nowadays, if you can't do it that qualifies you to do it.

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