Sunday, February 3, 2019

How to outsource

This case study is designed to show Whittakers and other apparatchik managers how to outsource work and increase their admin structure.

Council bin collection

It's all Rubbish
A council has a bin collection service consisting of 10 vehicles and a total of 40 operatives.
The Whittaker in charge has his number one priority to deal with [not do the job he is employed to do]. Ergo, he decides to outsource the bin collection.

He finds a company that is on the list of approved contractors. This list is small to make it easier.
The operatives are all transferred to the contractor - who cares about them.

In order to ensure a 'high' level of service, the Whittaker employs staff to do audits, write specifications and find things wrong with the contractor in order to generate meetings and investigations.

The staff required to do all the work is easily increased as the more staff you have the more you need [IT support, office managers, etcetera].

As soon as the contractor is appointed the Whittaker says they're rubbish and starts creating tender documents to have them replaced.

Therefore, the result is a staff of 45 in offices and no actual operators. The two major priorities have therefore been met:
  1. Do not do the job your employed to do
  2. Expand your department
It should be noted that the Whittaker has no knowledge of bin collection and waste handling and doesn't care - perfect.

The above guidance is from a council. However, the days where the private sector does things better are, thankfully, long gone meaning the above example is easily transferable to any public or private concern.

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